The Curse

When this person interacts with others, it is often noticed that many of these individuals have placed themselves into situations which bring them discomfort and, ultimately, a curse. This curse is generational — we affect so many people through decisions which have nothing to do with our overall well-being.

How can we stop this?

We wonder, for example, why so many people are in debt. Why are we prolonging a consequence for a temporary fix? We cater to a monetary system that has no intrinsic value. It is a sign that we aren’t building our brothers and sisters intrinsically. We look upon them as fiat, as a resource that can be governed by man’s decree. And, by doing so, we mark ourselves as disposable.

There is a better way. Yet, first, we must recognize this mentality that brings us to heartache, depression, and, ultimately, spiritual poverty. It is time to be aware of the curse that is trying to impart itself on you, your family… and the unborn.

The lure that has been plagued upon us can be recognized. But we must see the lure for what it is. If we see it as good food, we will always clamp our mouths upon it. Yet if we see hook… we will avoid it. A hook, when used effectively, will always leave an impression. Remember this.

Let us see the hooks that have been anchored in our jaws. Let us notice the lines and reels that are pulling us away from our true habitat. Let us not accept these false fruits, these vain sacrifices that have been brought before us.

Let us go back home and eat from of the true source of life. Choose life!

...Relan Volkum